Foot Domination of the extra class! Sadistic Cindy comes home after work. Your slave Richie already waits kneeling for it behind the door. When it sees him the tall super slim Lady stays with its leopard Highs with Heels in the lobby stand and asks him invitingly: You means with that, this has to welcome her correctly forgotten Richie as it is proper with a kiss on her feet “and!?”, if it comes in. It orders him at once to take off its shoes. She then rides on his back from the foyer into the flat. Arrived in the living room it rains some slaps for Richie-Cindy must abreact it of the work only at once. It can further be carried to the sofa. Richie must welcome once the toes of its feet one by one at first, arrived there. Then it puts handcuffs on him and he sticks the mouth with an adhesive tape. So Richie kneels in front of, hands tied up at the back and mouth sealed a replete series indicates to slaps of Cindy for him as it again. Must stuck mouth together it finally must smell firm at its feet according to that. Absorb the foot smell of the whole day in the shoes with its nose. In between times, it misses it again and again if it is annoyed with it a couple of slaps. He then must spoil, kiss and lick its feet down the adhesive tape again. Then Cinda climbs him and still makes a little Trampling on his body. At the crowning end she presses it and her foot by force into the face forces it into the mouth to lick the whole salty taste of her sole of the foot brutally away except for the last sweat residue of the day.

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